So glad THAT is OvEr!!!

Okay, so I awoke at 5am :-( to shower and get ready to take my toddler (who is 3 years 10 months old) to the hospital for her ear tube removal surgery. Over $1,000 later after insurance - yes you read it right SUX - we're home and resting comfortably.

Now... get ready for more than you probably want to know about toddlers and anaesthesia... brace yourself!

First, they gave her versed (sp?) (just checked sp, it's good) which they called "the happy juice." Aptly named people! In fact, I was like ROTFLOL as I watched my child after that versed - it was like she had just drunk an entire keg by herself (which I wouldn't know anything about because I've never had a drink in my life, but I've seen lots of movies ;-)

Anyway, that versed was great because they then took her from my arms and she didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, she waved at me as the nurse and anaesthesiologist took her around the corner.  She probably would have been fine with that even if they hadn't given her the versed, but more about my independent no-fear-of-anything child later.

They had told me what they planned to do.  She would blow into a balloon, and when she sucked in air from that balloon, jolly rancher flavored air would pass into her system and she would be out... like......a.......... l i g h t

Let me tell you, I was grateful they took her from my arms for that!  I've heard that parents who watch that process have nightmares for MONTHS or YEARS!  Because after the child has sucked in that flavored anaesthesia, they collapse - literally!  And look DEAD!  So some mommies may have freaked out over the fact that they just read I couldn't be with my child until she went to sleep - However, I'm praising my savior for having spared me from that moment!!!  I wasn't sure it was going to happen that way because when she got the tubes in her ears, she was at a different location, not the local hospital.  Anyway, she was only gone from me for... 10 mins?  Then they walked me back to where she waking up - cue my tears.

I cant' help it.  It's a very disturbing feeling watching your child cry and cry because she doesn't understand what is going on and she doesn't feel good - really, feels like crap after anaesthesia - don't we all? - and no one can do anything (including mommy) to make her feel better! :-((((  So I shed some tears with her.  Finally, after about 20 mins, she relaxed enough to fall asleep for 30 mins and then was fine.

We're sitting at home now watching Tinkerbell's Great Adventure.  Nap time is fast approaching, and I'm anticipating she'll have a nice long one today!   

It's over.  Why was I so anxious in the first place?  Thinking more on it, I was FOR SURE more anxious about her surgery to remove those tubes than I was for her surgery to put them in.... why? ... I'm sure the loss of my Angel Baby plays a small roll in that.  Because after a pregnancy or infant loss, you realize just how fragile life is.  How quickly it comes and can go.... Not that I didn't know that before, but now I KNOW that.... You know?

Anyway.... So glad THAT is OvEr!!!! ;-)


  1. So glad she did well, Jamie! I think another reason for the greater fear with the removal is that you KNOW her now. She's a little person with her own personality and likes and dislikes and she can articulate that, you know? When she was tiny and had the tubes put in, you knew her, but not like you know her now. It's become increasingly difficult for me to see Joshua uncomfortable as he's gotten older because I KNOW how happy he ordinarily is.

    Anyway, I'm counting down the minutes until nap time over here. Then he and I are crashing. Woohoo!

  2. I'm really glad everything went well. I can understand the worries you felt. Like you said - we really KNOW now how fragile life is.

  3. So glad that it went so well for her. Thank you for stopping over at my For Your Tears blog and if you would like a handkerchief please let me know. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the sweet comment.

  4. So glad prayers were answered and all is well!!! (((HUGS))) I am quite sure the loss had an effect on your worry for sure. My losses effect every breath I take and always will. Thus is life... Much love to you <3