a quiet moment

My life is pretty busy - between teaching, coaching the speech team, responsibilities at church, and then my family and friends... well, life goes by fast! I guess I would rather say my life is "full" rather than "busy." But, anyway, that's not why I'm writing this...

I'm having a quiet moment right now. I don't really have any "I have to do this today" things on my weekend list... And it's a three day weekend for me - thank you Columbus day and furlough day (can't believe I just typed that last one). All that said to say, I've got time on my hands!

AND Michael took Beth to church this morning to play with her friends while he's at chior practice. So I'm at home, and it's quiet...

I've started the laundry, and I'm reading some blogs. I came accross this article Recovering After a Miscarriage - thank you Headnotic Beats for sharing :-)

It got me thinking about our Angel Baby.  It's moments like these, the quiet ones, when everyone is out of the house and it's just me and my thoughts, and I'm not busy cleaning or running out the door somewhere... it's moments like this when the saddness creeps in.  Not really a depressed sadness.  Just a sadness.  A... I really wish I was still pregnant and could see my Angel Baby in March like I had hoped...  a longing, I guess, is the best way to describe it. 

Anyone else have moments like this?

When these moments happen, I get to choose what to do next - remain sad or not.  Today, I chose not.  I'm gonna get up, shower, clean around the house, and go run some errands.  But before I do all that, I'm going to take time to dust and clean up around the area where we keep our Angel Baby's memory box, then light a candle for him or her.  Then I'll thank Jesus for having held this little one for the short 8 weeks that I got, and I'll thank Him for how he/she has changed my life (for better and worse) because He's using it to improve me and to help others. 

Thanks for listening to me in my quiet moment :-)

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