October 15th

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Everyone is invited to light a candle on Oct. 15th at 7pm in ALL time zones, ALL over the world.  This is a nationally recognized holiday in the United States; however, it is hoped that anyone, anywhere who has lost a baby or knows anyone who has lost a baby will participate in this event. I will be participating in this event.

I will also be participating in 3rd Annual Rainbow of Roses Rememberance Celebration on Saturday, Oct. 16th.  It's a gathering of BLM (baby loss mommas) to remember those lost and/or to support those who have gone through a pregnancy or infant loss.  I've got some wonderful ladies who are going to come with me to this event.  We're going to remember our angels.

I have to do these things.  In fact, next year I plan to ALSO participate in the walk to remember in Atlanta - found out too late in my schedule to participate in this event this year.

Like I said, I have to spend time in October doing these things - I will always spend time from now on in Oct. doing these things.  In honor of that little life that I lost that has so changed my life, that has meant so much to me.

Even though I'm TTC again, a new baby will never take the place of the one I lost - our Angel Baby.

I'm TTC again because I really believe God wants me to - I really believe there is one out there He means for me to take home and complete our family... I can't believe otherwise...

Regardless of all that, the point of this post is to remember... my lost baby... and those that have suffered a loss.    It's October folks - let's remember!

Please watch...


  1. I have to admit, the picture of God and the children had me sobbing, this morning. Plus my last baby's name was Anastasia Shea (same middle name as Casey) What a beautiful video, and such poignant words. I am so sad today remembering my angels :( Praying you get that baby you feel the Lord is leading you to conceive, hun! Biggest HUGS Kris