AF and Ice Cream

I just started my period. :-((((  And I feel like I've miscarried all over again. No, I haven't miscarried.  I just feel like I have.  Miscarried my dream of being pregnant in November... and of having missed another chance at having the best Christmas present ever - a baby. 

Yeah, I can't write too much right now, or I'll start weeping again.  I just want my Angel Baby back...........

I'm going to get my girl, and we're going out for ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Getting AF is so hard after a loss....thinking of you tonight.

  2. I know what you mean! I had all these thoughts of what it would be like to be pregnant over the holidays...but that's not going to happen since I lost mine in August. I'm not looking forward to not being pregnant this holiday season. Go ahead and treat yourself to all the ice cream you want if it will make you feel better-you are not alone!