Fatigue and Fears

I'm tired.

Yes, I know... It's the end of a long day; we're all tired. But - I'm tired! Like, exhausted and can hardly think tired. And it's freaking me out :-(

With the passing of each successive AF, fatigue seems to grip me more fiercely every month. Last night, I went to bed at 8:30pm ya'll - 8:30pm! And as soon as I get done typing this and peeking at facebook, I'm going to go to bed - 9:00pm.

Hubby wanted to watch a movie again tonight, but again, I've told him I'm going to bed. I could hardly hold my eyes open tonight during Brother George's sermon. I've never almost fallen asleep during preaching! Yet, it seems to be getting more difficult to stay awake. And he's not the kinda preacher where you would WANT to fall asleep!

Anyway, I'm sorry. I'm sure you didn't want to read a post about how tired I am when I'm sure you are too. But this unusual extreme fatigue has me worried about me. It's crossed my mind that maybe I should go see my OB. For a few reasons...

1. extreme fatigue since the miscarriage - I should just eat more veggies and suck it up, right?

2. a normal low B12 - my regular physician diagnosed me with this after the miscarriage, but I'm afraid to take the extra B12 supplements on top of my prenatals because, well, would that be too much B12 vitamin? Best just to not take it - it's a normal low - don't stress, right?

3. a different AF - I won't gross you out with details, but it's different. But it's going to be different, right? I shouldn't bother her with that... right?  It'll get back to the way it was, right?

See... just when I think about calling her, I talk myself out of it.  I don't really want to go back to that office right now anyway.  I was kinda hoping the next time I saw her would be because I'm pregnant.  I should just give this all more time... right?

night night ya'll

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