Coss Hairs and Progesterone

Guess who got a cross hairs on her BBT chart via ????
This tells when I ovulated for those that don't know about this kinda thing.

Anyway, can you guess who????

Yup!!! ME!!!! Here's the link to my chart if you are curious and wanna take a look...

If this is correct, I ovulated on day 15 of my cycle and given our "activity" should have a fertilized egg ready to make itself a new home ;-)  

This is where the worry begins...  and the excitement!  I'm excitedly waiting for when I can test to get that BFP - God willing - I'm wanting to see if the Lord bless us with it... that rainbow baby.  Makes me giddy to think of it :-)))

Yet, there is that nagging worry that I guess only one who's had a pregnancy loss and is TTC can really explain.  It's the, "What if it happens again..."  Now, the doctor and ultrasound tech really believe that the loss of my baby at 8 weeks was due to bad egg meets bad sperm - or at least one or the other.  The ultrasound at 8 weeks that showed my baby with no more heartbeat saw a sack that measured 5 weeks and a baby that measured 6, so that's how they reached that conclusion.  Anyway, this means that my low progesterone detected at week 7 wouldn't have really made a difference in that pregnancy. 

However, I'd never had low progesterone before!  And so maybe that was a sign of a deficiency that could harm future pregnancies...?   cue worry

Well, tonight I started taking the prometrium - synthetic progesterone - that my doctor had given to me at 7 weeks as a last ditch effort to save my baby.  I have left overs - an orders for refills.  What I've learned from temping and reading a lot on how pregnancy really works, and what my girlfriend ((love her)) has been chatting with me about at work, all says that progesterone is needed to sustain a pregnancy - to foster the ground where the egg will implant and then stick.  Perhaps you could call progesterone the "sticky dust" we talk about on message boards.  :-)  Can't hurt to take it... only possibly help, right?

Well, every night I plan on taking that progesterone and... we'll see...  I'm going to throw in my own sticky dust and... wait.  Hoping for BFP on or near Oct. 25th... I'll probably test Sat. Oct 23 in the morning with one of those early detection tests.

It's really exciting!  I think our Angel Baby would be happy for us while playing with Jesus in heaven.  At least, that's how I'm envisioning it.

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