Why do some people see the honoring of Oct. 15th and participation in pregnancy and baby loss events by a pregnancy loss momma (ME) as equal to = she must still be grieving; I hope she gets over this soon, poor girl...  ?????

Actually, I'm fine!  I see honoring the meaning behind Oct. 15th as a way to celebrate the life that was our angel baby.  It makes me somber, yes, but happy!  This is not something I'll "get over"!  At least I hope not...

which brings me to my next confused moment... while talking with someone today who also experienced a loss, she expressed concern over whether or not I was okay.  Why would she think otherwise?  Because I invited multiple people, including her, to come with me to a rememberance event tomorrow night?  Because I have posted multiple things on facebook about how important this weekend is and that we all need to take the time to remember? 

She remarked that she was past what had happened to her - she's moved on.  Past it?  She said I would get there one day after I had our second child. Really?!

I remarked that this was great for her, but as for me, I never want to get past it... I want to always remember that little life, and I want to remember how it's changed me, and I don't want another child to take away the loss of our Angel Baby. I want that life to have meant something via this blog, via events, via other ways I've yet to pin down...

Am I crazy in thinking and behaving this way!?  There are some that act as if I am...

Anyway, I thought I'd post a link to one of my favorite blogs that currently has a post up about Oct. 15th.  It's very good!  Grab your tissues though before you read it ;-)

Enjoy... Not Super, Just Mom

Did you light your candle tonight?  I did!!!


  1. I hope I never "get over it" either! My babies are very much a part of me and while sometimes it makes me sad that they aren't here with me I also know that I will see them again! And that makes me happy! Most of my memories are good ones of my girls...I don't ever want to forget them!

  2. I hope to remember EVERY year. I saw a couple at the event you just commented on over @ my blog (thanks for that by the way) who lost thier baby in the 70's. And I noticed on someone's video on facebook that someone submitted "March Angel 1973" to be remembered tonight. We are okay, maybe she really truly isn't. Your angel's short life will mean whatever you make of it because you're the mommy.

  3. THIS was so good!!! Thanks for sharing!