Things that make me happy!

It's here!  Finally!  The necklace came in the mail today. I've taken a picture to show you, but it's really small... like our baby was. :-) It's a silver forget-me-not with two gemstones hanging from it - the stones that mark the month conceived and the month passed.  I'm just finally glad to have it!

Also, I got a book!  A friend let me borrow a book that helped her during this time... "I'll Hold You In Heaven."  Going to read it now.

These things make me happy :-)


  1. I'm so glad your necklace came. I have a theory. Its just a theory for me because it hasn't come true. I have a friend who lost her baby at 36 weeks. She got pregnant pretty quickly afterwards and went on to have a healthy baby girl. If her first daughter had not passed, she would have never had her precious little girl that she has now. Given my age, we only plan to have one more (God willing). If we are lucky enough to have another baby, that baby would not have been possible without my loss. Its the hope I hold onto. But its also what makes this infertility thing so hard.

  2. Kim - Yes, I do believe that too! God chooses our children. ((hugz)) Praying your days are getting better?