Thank you, Lord, for a great day!

Today was... well, it was great!  I will now list the order in which the great things happened to me today...  I guess you could call this a count your blessings post.

1. I had a great quite time with my Lord!  So far, that miscarriage bible study is awesome! I'm loving the book.

2. Beth was not crabby this morning, and I actually had a few "I'm such a smart Mommy" moments.  For example, to avoid the "I don't want to eat the cookie crisp cereal for breakfast!" fit - because she always wants to fight about what she eats in the morning, I hid a few skittles in the cookie crisp and encouraged her to go searching for them.  She loved it! And no fight!

3. Ms. Tiffany was able to go be Beth's special friend at the Grandparents Day/Special Friends day event at her daycare.  Nonna and Poppa couldn't make it this year, and I just can't stand for her not to have someone there on these special days things, so it was a huge blessing that Tiffany could do this!!! God rocks!

4. School was productive and got some grades in the gradebook!

5. I got my facebook account back!  Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I've changed my password to something unbreakable! ;-)  Bye bye hackers!

6. I made my awesome pork chops tonight, and now I'm eating Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream!

Does life get any better than this?!  I have a sense of excitement running through me!  And tomorrow is Wednesday night church :-)))  Life is good!

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  1. I will SO remember the Skittles trick. Glad you had a good day.