Sharing Time

There are some things - four things - I've been wanting to post here - for two reasons really...
  1. the purpose of this blog is "to remember everything, everyone, and every day the Lord gives me" ;-) and I want to remember these...
  2. and perhaps some one else can benefit from these...
The first of "these" :-) I found today.  It's the 6th Annual Walk to Remember in Atlanta.  We're going to make plans to be there.  Perhaps you could join us?

The second of these is that on October 16th at Milton Park in Alpharetta, 6pm, there will be a candle lighting at the 3rd annual Rainbow of Roses Remembrance Celebration for pregnancy and infant loss.  It's mentioned here in this the above link.

I'm kinda excited about both of those.  For anyone who isn't aware, October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and October 15th is the day to light a candle for the one(s) you've lost at 7pm your time.  I have a link to that information on the right hand side of my blog.  It gives me something to actually do for the baby we lost and to share with my husband and other friends who have experienced losses - or even to share with those who just want to support women who've been through a loss.  If you know me or are in this area, I would love to have you join me at these events!

The third and fourth things I'll post next together.  The first is a BEAUTIFUL song about miscarriage - just BEAUTIFUL - and the last is a picture of the baby we lost in August. I haven't shared this with anyone yet - it is VERY precious to me - but I think now is the time.  I feel you can see the profile of the baby well in this one, the head, the body.  What could have been.

In remembrance of our Angel Baby...


  1. Go here to see how to make the pages. It is how I learned :)

    let me know if it works!

  2. Thank you for sharing that ultrasound I truly wish I had both my babies ultrasounds but I don't. Beautiful song :) I am doing a walk in Buffalo, NY :) on the 10th

  3. I love that song too! We just did a memorial walk for Mikayla and it was a nice experience. Check out my blog, I just gave you an award. =)