Planning to Plan

I posted a status yesterday on my facebook that said... "I am a planner - I like it when I have a plan - don't like it when I'm caught off guard and don't know what to do - so I'm planning on making some plans!"  ;-)

I'm going to spend some time this weekend putting two plans into action:

1. I'm going to learn more about charting my body temperature to better indicate when I ovulate.  I have a girlfriend who has done this and let me borrow a book of hers to help me learn about it.  Toward this end, I bought a basal body temp thermometer today, and I plan to take my first temp in the morning tomorrow.

I'm kinda excited about this!  Not because I think Michael and I are going to have a hard time getting prego this time around; I think we'll be okay.  However, this will let me know with more certainty two things... A. that I really am ovulating and B. the exact time sperm may meet egg and the miracle begins.  To me, that's kinda exciting. 

I love dreaming of God forming a beautiful new life inside me. I love looking on babycenter to see the progress of the baby from moment of conception to implantation and so on... this charting thing will help me to better grasp that timeline - and pray for the baby along the way.

I know some of you are probably laughing and me or shaking your head at me with concern or just disbelief... All I have to say is, I have OCD.  I'm sure of it.  So, just, love me anyway.  Please!? ;-) I have a need to control things... well, as much as one can have control over something like this.  It'll feel good... especially after a miscarriage in which I had absolutely no control or knowledge concerning anything my body was doing at that point...   Anyway, next plan...

2. My daughter - 3.5 year old Beth Grace - well, her behavior has been... less than desirable lately.  I could tell you stories... Let's just say, yesterday, she threw her shoes at her teacher because she didn't want to wear them and then spit in another teacher's face.  Yes, that's my child.  She can be ever so sweet - she looks like an angel (see below pic) - but there is a little devil inside that at times rears its ugly head.

As a result, plan number two will be to purchase and implement... Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days

Anyway, it guarantees that if I follow the author's suggestions, Beth will be the better for it.  So, I'm willing to bite!  That's how I got her potty trained.  I came across this link about a 3 day potty training boot camp - do it and your child will be potty trained in 3 days!  I thought, sure, whatever... but, the author guaranteed it would work if I strictly followed her rules.  So, I bought it!  And in 3 days, she was potty trained. :-)  I highly recommend it!

Well, do you see what I mean?  I'm a planner!  I gotta have a vision and a plan to implement it, or I feel lost. 
So, here's to making plans!


  1. OCD and all I love ya girl ;) Nothing wrong with planning! Hope the book works out for you!! :) Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!!!

  2. Just like you, I am a planner :) I have my plan and then I always have a back up plan to my back up plan. It's OCD for sure, but in a good way.

    Best of luck with temping and charting. I would urge you to use the ovulation predictor sticks, Clear Blue Easy Digital (pricy, but worth it) as that will help too.

    And...THANK YOU for nominating me for such a lovely award. How incredibly sweet :)

    Have a wonderful weekend...and by the way, your daughter is adorable!