miscarriage bible study - meeting #1

Wow... what an amazing group of women I just met.  Women desiring to be closer to our savior.  Women wanting answers, needing peace.  I already love each and every one of them!

Tonight was the first meeting of the miscarriage bible study I joined.  A lady named Amy - you can read her story here http://www.lightofgabriel.org/ - leads the meeting.  We are using the book Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy - and I'm going to start on it tonight. 

This evening, we just shared our stories.  My voice shook as I shared mine, as I remembered the joy when we found out we were pregnant... the fear on my birthday when we found out something was wrong... the horror the day my baby passed from me... 

I shared that I'm hoping this bible study will lead me closer to my Jesus, closer to understanding why, closer to knowing when/if we should try again... I just want Him to speak to me, and my prayer is Jesus shows up in a mighty way for all these women who shared their stories tonight.

There are so many grieving out there!  So many suffering from this pain of losing a child to miscarriage or to an early death after birth.  I really think God may call me to share/lead this study within my own church.  I'm hoping He'll confirm that to me if this is the case.

Anyway, I've cried tonight, and I'm sure I will now every Sunday evening as we grieve and share our losses.  It's a good thing.  We're changed, forever... We need now to find a new "normal".  One that I'm praying for all of us involved in this study will make us stronger - for Him - for those around us - one that will honor those babies that we've lost.

When you say your prayers, say a prayer for our group.  Thank you! 


  1. I love that you've found this group, Jamie! And I love that you are talking about this! It pains me that people aren't more open and honest about losses like this.

    ((hugs)) to you, friend! And good luck with the Bible study.

  2. I am really glad that you have that. I wish there were more things like this out there. We are praying for you!