I've been hacked :-(

I tried to log onto facebook, and it said I was using an old password.  What?!  It said the password had been changed today at 1:30pm.  What?!?!  I was at work!

So, I requested that my password be reset.  Fine, but that new password has to then be sent to my e-mail address.  And when I tried to log onto my e-mail, I found my password for my e-mail didn't work either!!!  I had been hacked there too!!!!!  @#!@$!#@$#%

So because I can't get into my e-mail, I can't get into my facebook. :-(  My facebook, where I keep up to date with my family up north... my facebook, where I share all my pictures and videos of Beth so the relatives can see her growing up... my facebook, where I veg out for an hour or so just relaxing from the day.

((sigh)) Well, I've contacted hotmail and facebook, and it'll take 24 hours, at least, to verify I am who I say I am.  After that, they'll give me new passwords for each account - then I can go in and see the damage caused by whoever has been in there. 

Not what I needed right now.  Not when I'm so tired I FEEL hacked - to pieces.  Why can't I get my physical energy back!? 

At least my hubby has been GREAT through EVERYTHING!  He just spent close to 2 hours changing all our passwords on sensitive accounts and removing that e-mail address from important accounts.  He's a good husband!

And I'll be leaving that good husband and my daughter Friday night and most of Saturday to take kids to debate and speech competitions...  Again, my accounts have been hacked and I feel hacked... hacked into pieces torn into different directions!  I LOVE speech and debate! I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't been involved in that program when I was in high school - I don't think I would have EVER had the confidence to be a teacher, that's for sure.  And so because I love that program, I put a lot into it!  Too much?  That is the question... 

Because I feel so hacked right now, I don't know if I'm doing anything right at the moment... teaching, coaching, being a wife, a mother, a friend...

I need to pray...
Oh, Lord?! I have no idea what I need right now, but you do.  Please, send it quickly and help me to realize what you send me when you send it.   Amen.

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  1. I found you through face book's miscarriage support group. I love your blog :) I am so sorry for your loss , I understand miscarriage as I have had several miscarriages and still no children today at almost 37 years old :( I completely understand what you are going through!I still take it one day at a time and I know God is in control and that is how I get through it , my faith has brought me through it! Thanks for sharing through your beautiful blog!!