My First Entry

A friend of mine - co-worker and avid blogger (you know who you are ;-) - has inspired me to start my own blog.  She suggested to me one day that it would be helpful to write down my thoughts and feelings to help me through my miscarriage this August.  I thought about it, and after writing a few journal entries on, I have found that writing does offer me a kind of release from my anxieties, surging emotions (and probably hormones), so I decided to create this blog! 

Now WARNING!  This is where I write out my feelings, so if you know me - don't take offense to anything I say, you know I never mean it to be that way - and if you don't know me, perhaps you can find some comfort in that there is someone out there as crazy as yourself ;-)  Also, yes, I am an English teacher; however, I will not go back and edit my - as my blogger friend calls it - mental vomit.  Just deal!  I correct grammar all day - it's not gonna happen here!

Anyway, I'm going to post the journal I wrote for on here called My Story - My Loss.  My loss is what has sparked this need for a dear diary type of blog.  Anyway, if you're reading this - thx for caring enough about me to follow along...

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