Good People

I have good people in my life!  They bless me! 

First, my mother-in-law just sent us a few cards expressing sadness over our loss.  How sweet!  She even sent a note that we'll save to remember that she bought 5 bibles to be placed in her church in honor of our angel baby - that made me cry tears of joy!  FYI for those that don't know how to respond to someone who had a miscarriage - nice cards, hugz, and a gesture like that are PERFECT ways to respond.  Refrain from saying stupid stuff like... "You can have more kids."  "There must have been something wrong with the baby."  "It was God's will."  I could name more, but I'll stop there... just think about how someone might feel after they hear those... okay, I'll move on now.

Next, a fellow speech/debate coach just called to give me some much needed advice on how to coach my team to success!  I was really getting frustrated with this today!!  This guy is God's gift to forensics, and to me!  I'm glad we chatted!

Next, my husband.  He read my blog today and said he looked online to try to find some velvet forget-me-nots to put in that vase I was complaining about in my previous blog entry; however, he wasn't able to find them.  How cute that he went out of his way to look!!!  Anyway, he suggested that we get a picture of forget-me-nots and put that up until we can get some for the vase.  He's soooo sensitive - so sweet - really ladies, I've got the best one out there! ;-)

Next, my daughter.  She makes me smile!  Her comments are so cute!  Then, today when she got frustrated because she still couldn't remember her bible verse for Cubbies tomorrow (I'm talking literally throwing herself on the floor frustrated), I tried to help her understand what the word "made" meant.  I figured that was proably what was tripping her up.  The verse is... "All God made was very good."  So... creative me... I drew a smiley face and then asked her, "Who made that?"  She said, "You mommy!"  Then I said, "Who made you?"  God!  "Who made the trees?" She replied again... God!  I kept asking.. Who made mommy, daddy, the sun...  GOD GOD GOD  Then finally, she got it.  God made everything, and it was good.  She's got that verse down for tomorrow now.  She makes me smile... of course this face would make you smile!

Lastly, I need to give a shout out to my ladies from the Miscarriage August 2010 message board.  They are the ones I know that right now, at this moment, really know how I feel.  And I love it that we turn to each other!

Here's to good people!

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