Whoa... These days, even small things like doing the laundry and washing dishes, wear me out!  Combine that with grocery shopping and a friend's party - forget it!  I'm exhausted!!!  And I'm sick of this!!!!  I want my energy back - not that I had a lot before but still I had more than this.  Physically, I'm struggling to get back physical stamina.  I already know, it will be nap time when I come home from church tomorrow - and if anyone tries to get in my way... I'll snap!

Beth was sick Thursday when we got home from work/school, so I stayed out with her on Friday.  I'm so glad I did!!!  I realized... I needed the day off too.  I still haven't made it through a full week of school yet, but... oh well. I'm not too worried about it.  I'm taking it one day at a time.  I'm just thankful I've taught American Lit for 8 years in a row and could probably teach it sleeping... cause, right now, it feels like sometimes I do ;-)  jk... well, somewhat.

Anyway, maybe I should start taking some of that B12 supplement my regular doctor suggested?  She had said last time I was with her that I should take some; it was low.  However, I'm still taking the prenatal vitamin; it has some in it...  I hate taking pills, but maybe I should take more if it'll give me some energy.

On a good note about my body... I lost 8 pounds this week!  It was my first week counting points - back on Weight Watchers.  A loss like that occurs everytime I change my diet.  I drink more water, don't eat ice cream :-(, and eat reasonably portion sizes... and taa daa... weight loss.  I'm glad my body is cooperative like that :-) 

Oh well... exhausted... going to bed now..

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